Relationship & Sales Intelligence, Automated & Fortified

  • – Data-driven Pitching
  • – Track, Improve and Train
  • – No More Manual Data Entry
  • – Grow your Network
  • – Trade your Introductions
Automate your sales workflow, eliminate data entry while Blockseed grows your potential leads and provides insights to keep the relationship warm and in-line with your sales/raise targets.

Blockseed Portal

Get quantitative and qualitative business reviews from 200+ investors on the platform and increase odds of your startup’s success.

Blockseed Connect

Bridging the gap between your startup and investors with best-in-class services your business needs.

Our Clients


Build Network for Fundraising & B2B Customers

Angel Investors & VC Funds

Source Deals and Create Syndicates

Real Estate

Source Deals and
Manage Sales
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Source and Manage Client Relationships
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Sales & Investor Outreach Process is Broken

Conventional sales channels have become increasingly unresponsive.

Personal referrals and introductions are the way forward across the sales funnel.

Relationship intelligence is becoming impertinent to drive conversions in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Cold emails go unattended
Companies use relationship intelligence
People trust friend's recommendations

How It Works

Blockseed in the Press

Our Technology

Unified Application to pitch & get quantified business evaluations.

Get feedback on a point scale to see which areas investors would like you to work on.

Auto-match based on Insights

Match with relevant Investors and using Blockseed’s algorithm to make your fundraising efforts more efficient.

Checklist to monitor your overall startup progress

Startup checklist help you gauge where you stand as compared to your peers.