What is a review?
Review is a quantitative breakdown of your assessment of the startup into aspects like ‘team’, ‘go-to-market strategy’ etc You will also be able to provide short one line feedback on how to improve or your concerns.

What do I get from a review?
Every-time you review a startup, while the review is private, we still get to know both of you a bit better and it allows us to refine who to present to you next. This will take some time to be perfected as we gather further data.

What if I don’t want to review?
You can choose to pass on a review. But the more reviews you do, the more they count towards unlocking features for you later.

Can I do a review anonymously?
Yes thats a feature we will have along with anonymous follow, which you will have to unlock by providing a certain number of reviews. We are currently working on this feature. And we always invite any more features you would like to see.

What if I don’t like the startup that I am reviewing?
Give us some time, once we have some data in our engines, we are going to introduce an initial screening mechanism made of personality, aptitude and module based tests along with expert consultant reviews. Your feedback now makes the process faster.

What happens after I am done reviewing?
You will be given some options at the end of the review. You can follow the startup, you can connect with them (this sends both of you an email, and later will automatically schedule a call), or you can move on to next without retaining any connection to the startup.

What if I want to invest?
We are aiming to partner with Legal firms and Crowdfunding platforms to allow for that as well in next phase of our venture. We already have had some positive conversations about it.