Important Team Collaboration lessons to be learned from the Avengers and Justice League.

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Do you remember the final battle scene in Dawn of Justice wherein Batman so over-confidently tried to face Lex Luthor? Wonder Woman came to his rescue just in time. That’s when Bruce Wayne aka Batman understood he could not face the common enemy alone. Soon after Justice League came into existence.

Superhero movies are simply amazing. There is no denying that. However, in addition to providing enthralling entertainment and inspiring us to get those six-packs we are trying to build for the past 2 years, they set a good example for small teams to learn about teamwork and save the world. Being a part of the team and successfully contributing to it, is a fundamental skill that everyone can learn from these movies.

Know Your Role

If you truly want to be part of a team, much like the Avengers/Justice League, each team member has a unique role to play. Being good at something is not enough! Knowing when, where and how your skills can benefit your team is the key.

You could be the “black widow” of the team. She has no superpowers, but she has skills just to stop about anything.

Work your way around conflict

It is of utmost importance to be cognizant of the fact that people have different personalities, preferences, and opinions. It is inevitable for team members to have conflicts with one another. But, having differences can be productive for the team as well.

Remember the time when Tony finds out video footage of the night his parents were murdered and it is revealed that they were actually assassinated by Bucky himself. In addition to that, the Captain kept this information to himself all this while. You know what happened next!

Hence, don’t blame the differences you have with your team members for lack of workability with them. Work through the initial conflicts towards the greater goal before it turns into an ugly argument.

With Avengers 4 releasing ahead of us. Learn about teamwork from the superheros themselves.

1. Know your role as a team member

2. Work your way around conflicts in order to accomplish a greater goal

3. Team effort is always better than one person doing the job.  

4. Focus on one single goal that you want to accomplish as a team

There is no “I” in a team

You have to remember that even the Avengers would not have been able to save the New York City every single time without every team member’s contribution. Yes, even Hawkeye! Another important lesson from the Avengers or Justice League is that team effort is always better than one person doing the job.

A group of people can surely accomplish a lot. However, we can only accomplish the goal if we work as “ONE”.
It might be difficult to actively set your ego aside. However, this will only make you a better teammate, better employee or a better boss.

One Single Goal

Over the years, I have noticed that my team falls apart during delivery of a big project or right before meeting an important deadline. The results could have been different, only if everyone had just focussed on the task at hand rather than having conflicts.

Though the Avengers and Justice League members had their own nemeses, but they came together as a single unit to defeat Loki and Steppenwolf. They came from different backgrounds and had great background stories of their existence. They kept their differences aside when it came to accomplishing bigger things.

The problem is that most team members place themselves before the organization needs. I still remember the scene in Infinity war when Doctor Strange sacrificed his life so that Tony Stark(Iron Man) would defeat Thanos. Doctor Strange wasn’t Tony’s best friend or partner or even an acquaintance before infinity war happened. However, he trusted him to do the right thing. That’s what teamwork should be all about. Serve the bigger purpose of the organization than fighting over little issues.

Avengers or Justice League are just superhero movies in a long line of similar films.

But, like anything else, I think that if you look at it from a different perspective, there are lessons to be learned from all great adventure stories. At the very least, they can trigger your memory and get you thinking differently about your preconceived notions, or perhaps add a new layer to your understanding.

The Avengers and Justice League, like any other team, are made up of a group of deeply flawed individuals. But it shows us that under the right set of circumstances, and with the right group of people around us, just about anything can be accomplished. Maybe even defeat Thanos at the end.

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