Top 5 Chrome tools to improve your productivity

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Let’s admit it, we struggle to stay organized when it comes to our work. But, when it comes to managing a startup, sometimes we are all over the place – Be it organizing meetings with potential stakeholders or managing hundreds of unread emails in our inbox.

Bringing some organization to our day-to-day  work should be a priority, especially because it directly impacts our productivity. According to Stat Counter,we spend almost 90% of our time on the internet and nearly 61.5% of the people use Chrome. That’s why we are giving you a complete list of chrome extensions to help you get ahead of your competition, be organized and ultimately increase your productivity to make time for that beer at the end of the day.


Streak could be the most efficient sales tool ever for Gmail users. It acts as a personal CRM tool which organizes your entire Inbox according to deal stages and helps you keep track of your emails. Additionally, syncing your calendar and CRM.


  1. Introduction: Efficiency and productivity are critical for any startup. But it is difficult to be on top of every task as there are a million things to be managed at the same time.
  2. Solution: Google chrome extensions to boost productivity.
  3. Tools for Solution: Streak, Rapportive, To do list, Datanyze and Adapt


Sell more by knowing your customers better. This extension enables you to gather critical data about your contacts right from your inbox. It helps you drive a conversation via a topic that matters to your client. Additionally, you can schedule a conference call or meet right them away when they are nearby. Establishing a sustainable revenue stream starts with building rapport.

Datanyze Insider sales prospecting

See important information about the company such as their location and contact details, their revenue bracket, how many employees they have, how much they’ve spent on tech. etc., all in one dashboard . Additionally, the plugin also gives you information about the number of visitors, top ranking keywords and twitter feed of the company.


One of the most used Chrome extensions with more than 6 million users, Todoist is a popular to-do list task manager built for your Chrome browser.

Todoist lets you collaborate with your team, helps track your most important projects, or simply reminds you to call your clients—anything that takes the stress out of managing your calendar. It also integrates with all your devices, so that you can keep track of your daily tasks from anywhere.

Adapt Prospector – Find emails in LinkedIn

Is there anything else you’d want more than a long list of targeted leads….fast?
That’s exactly what Adapt’s Prospector aims to help you build. Adapt’s Chrome Extension allows you to build prospecting lists quickly from LinkedIn. It automatically pulls out each lead’s details and gives you their related contact information like email and phone number

Hopefully, these tools and Chrome extensions will help you generate better leads, speed up your marketing and project management processes and close more deals. Are there any other Linkedin tools you’d add to the list? Write to us at

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