Why should you break down Team Silos?

Creating effective relationships between departments

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Almost every task or responsibility at the workplace requires various departments to coordinate with one another. There can be a variety of issues that might come up while working with other teams in the organization. Their priorities and processes may conflict with yours. Or, they may seem unwilling to share their knowledge or expertise. Even if they do, there might always be a conflict between ideas and overall vision, ultimately leading to Silos.

The “silo” mentality is often the result of poor communication, misunderstandings or a lack of awareness, rather than an unwillingness to cooperate. The most important question here is whether or not you are doing something actively to change this situation?  Or, are you avoiding these issues altogether?

Better not! And here’s why!

Almost 80% of organizations believe that there isn’t enough collaboration between people in the organization. They blame this on lack of communication for these failures.  

Silos exist everywhere, between departments, within a department and even between external partners. Avoiding silos and asking teams to focus on the task at hand cannot be a solution.

The biggest loser in these situations is the organization. For instance, if your marketing team is working hard to generate leads and the sales team is not informing them regarding the common reasons on losing out on deals, you have lost the opportunity to improve your marketing strategy and lead quality.

Alternatively, if your agencies are producing high-quality content but not distributing it effectively on different social media channels, you are missing out on the opportunity to maximize your brand awareness.

This will only lead to rework, unnecessary changes and ultimately wasting important man-hours.


Best way to break silos within companies is by establishing a dedicated growth team, something that most big companies do when they hit a growth curve in their journey. The growth team should ideally consist of people from every department of the organization and not simply marketing. Their main objective should be to break barriers between departments and grow the business.  

By doing this, you are removing the walls between departments and establishing an open line of communication between them. Additionally, by bringing different perspectives together you might just find the creative solutions needed for the organization by working as one single team.

As for external agencies, it’s recommended that you have one or two agencies at best and keep one point of contact within the organization to handle them.  

A few good suggestions to build a great growth team:
1.    Align and link their goals of different teams.
2.    Create a fair tracking and reporting mechanism.
3.    Set clear responsibilities across the team.
4.    Combine all major meetings, with each partner represented.
5.    Use Trello, Slack, and Asana to assign tasks and track each one.
6.    Give an opportunity to different people in the organization to be a part of the growth team.

It may take time, but if you remove any silos in your company, even partially, you will accelerate the growth of your business. Plenty of other things can hold back business growth, too. If you have some points to add to the list, please let us know in the comments.  

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